Sturgeon County, Morinville, AB – GM, Integrated Growth *ON HOLD*

With a rural population base of approximately 20,500, Sturgeon County is a vibrant municipality that offers a great deal in the residential, agricultural and industrial sector.  Located just north of the Cities of St Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, and Edmonton, Sturgeon County appeals to investors that require access to infrastructure and global markets in a low-cost location, within a regulatory environment that is adaptive, transparent, and straightforward.

In 2016, according to Alberta Venture’s Best Communities for Business, Sturgeon County was listed among the top ten.  Sturgeon County has access to natural resources, feedstock, research, and development and distribution channels connecting us to key North American, European, and Asian markets.  The County also offers world class industrial developments such as the Sturgeon Refinery, which is currently the single largest construction project in Canada.  These major economic drivers support and diversify an established network of world class businesses in hydrocarbon processing, advanced materials, agribusiness, food processing, and technology within our region.

Sturgeon County has unique location advantages and an industrial ecosystem that offers tremendous opportunity for investors.  With access to robust infrastructure, and a substantial industrial land portfolio to meet a variety of investment demands, Sturgeon County offers an ideal environment for industrial growth.


Vision Statement:

Sturgeon County: a diverse, active community that pioneers opportunities and promotes initiatives while embracing rural lifestyle.

Mission Statement:

Providing quality, cost-effective services and infrastructure to meet the diverse needs of the Sturgeon County community, while improving competitiveness and sustainability.

Organizational Values:

The organizational values are the principals that guide the daily behaviours of all employees.  They are the core beliefs of the organization; what pulls everyone together.

  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Safety

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Reports to:                   

County Commissioner (CAO)

Areas Supervised:        

Community & Regional Planning, Current Planning & Development Services, Engineering Services, Economic Development, and Intergovernmental Affairs

Staff Supervised:

Manager, Economic Development, Manager, Community & Regional Planning, Manager, Current Planning & Development, Manager, Engineering Services, Senior Advisor, Intergovernmental Affairs, and the Integrated Growth Assistant


Operating: $6M

Capital: Growing from $13M to $25M by 2019


This position is responsible for providing visionary, strategic leadership for the Growth and Long Term Planning Division, including proactively planning for new infrastructure; planned timely reinvestment and expansion of existing infrastructure; proactive identification and responsiveness to industry and other business development requests; primary land use planning; prioritization of land use planning applications; as well as responsiveness and oversight regarding development and subdivision approvals.  In addition to facilitating development and execution of the regional and inter-municipal agenda for long term sustainability, you will:

  • Provide executive and strategic leadership to the Division in the context of Council’s approved Strategic Plan (Vision, Mission, Values) and Corporate Business Plan, reflecting priority initiatives, as well as financial/human resources and governing legislation.
  • Demonstrate solid leadership, guide, motivate and mentor staff in the development and execution of strategies, plans and programs to achieve Council’s Planned Growth outcomes and statutory/corporate goals.
  • Work collaboratively with a progressive Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to provide consistent direction and encourage teamwork to enable integrated growth and long term planning efforts in accordance with strategy and County policy.
  • Deliver ongoing advice to the County Commissioner (CAO) and elected officials in the establishment of strategic objectives, policies, and program plans that enable growth and long term planning.
  • Ensure optimal allocation and stewardship of financial resources (annual capital and operating budgets), human resources, and other assets allocated to the Integrated Growth division.
  • Foster positive and responsible working relationships with other government agencies, adjacent and partner municipalities, the private sector/industry, community organizations, and residents.
  • Ensure divisional departments respond in an effective and timely manner to Council inquiries and complex or controversial community and development issues.
  • Promote and ensure quality of decisions, integrity of actions, timeliness and efficiency of work through effective management, presentations, meetings, and working relationships with Council, County administration, the AB Heartland Industrial Association, Capital Region Board, and community/business leaders.
  • Cultivate a shared understanding of corporate goals by fostering teamwork, employee empowerment and accountability, and encouraging continuous learning. Provide visionary leadership that is consultative, inclusive and responsive, and demonstrate open communication and fairness.
  • Adhere to applicable responsibilities and accountabilities as outlined in the Sturgeon County Health and Safety Management System.
  • Make and recommend professional, effective and timely decisions and provide direction on complex and emerging issues with political, regional, community, inter-municipal, and sustainability implications.
  • Proactively work with landowners, industry, and elected officials, to understand and resolve public, municipal, and business development issues and opportunities.
  • Attend all Council and committee meetings, public events and industry functions (often outside of, and in addition to, normal office hours).
  • Lead and oversee development of policies, bylaws, and sponsors projects and initiatives.
  • Oversee the development, implementation, and reporting of multi-year capital programs growing to $25M/year including roads, utilities, bridges, and ultimately all municipal infrastructure.
  • Facilitate development and execution of regional and inter-municipal agendas.
  • Support attraction and implementation of potential interest in Alberta Industrial Heartland Association’s current and future mega projects and investments.


The successful candidate is expected to demonstrate the following competencies and behaviours in order to successfully meet the requirements of the position:

  • Outstanding leadership and administrative abilities in supervising, coordinating, directing, motivating, developing, and evaluating staff.
  • The ability to provide strategic leadership and guide/motivate staff in the development of strategies, principles, and appropriate processes to achieve growth, as well as statutory and corporate strategic objectives. Higher level thinker – able to manage up and not get caught in the weeds.
  • Individual values that align with Sturgeon County’s corporate values of Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Excellence, and Safety.
  • Exhibit charisma and have the ability to listen, be open, transparent, and approachable. Demonstrate high integrity in all interactions and must have a thick skin but a soft touch – firm but fair.
  • Ability to make effective decisions and provide direction on complex and emerging issues in a professional and timely manner…which may have substantial political, community, inter-municipal or administrative implications.
  • Willing to continuously challenge the status quo with the goal of long-term sustainability and making Sturgeon County the best it can be.
  • Outstanding interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills to work with Council, staff, Industry, community and business leaders, the public, and all orders of government.
  • Ability to manage sensitive issues effectively.


The successful candidate will possess the following, or an acceptable combination focused on leadership, ability to create professional relationships and manage those relationships, as well as a strong internal and external customer service understanding and focus.

  • Eight to ten years of administrative leadership experience at a senior level along with a post-secondary degree, supplemented with extensive management and/or leadership training. A technical background (i.e. a degree in engineering or membership in the Canadian Institute of Planners) is desirable.
  • The willingness and capacity to work in a demanding work environment that requires making timely decisions, managing multiple concurrent projects and changing priorities, providing direction regarding complex or unique situations with high political profile, substantial financial implications and/or community well-being.
  • Ability to work directly with elected officials in a highly political environment to resolve public and municipal issues.
  • Prior experience in performance management and utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to ensure that the staff in the Division are being applied to the best of their abilities.
  • Proven budgeting and fiscal management experience and expertise, and the willingness to ensure that division departments are accountable and adhere to their respective budgets.
  • The capability to recognize and interpret shifting global, national and provincial realities and their impact on the County.
  • Able to build consensus, create change, and think creatively.
  • Enrollment or completion of the National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration (NACLAA) program is desired, as well as membership in the Society of Local Government Managers (SLGM), is an asset.


A competitive compensation package will be provided to the successful candidate.  This includes an attractive base salary, a comprehensive benefits package, and Pension Plan.  Details will be discussed in further conversations.


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Managing Director

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