Our mandate is to provide top-tier candidates whose skill sets match or exceed our client’s expectations.  As we only present candidates who excel in their particular skill sets, as determined by their peers through detailed reference checks, the candidates are evaluated on their ability to “fit in” and meet the cultural requirements of our client’s organization.

As we are a small firm, we have the flexibility to cater specifically to our client’s needs and provide personalized, effective and high quality executive search service and attention to each and every assignment.  We strive to develop strong business partnerships with our existing and prospective clients through a thorough and in-depth knowledge of our client’s organization.

Below is a snapshot of our step-by-step approach to the executive search process:

1. Understanding Your Needs

2. Profiling & Due Diligence

3. Sourcing & Direct Contact of Potential Candidates

4. Advertising

5. Regular Client Updates

6. Evaluating & Assessing Candidates

7. Summary Reports

8. Arranging Shortlist Interviews

9. In-Depth Reference Checks

10. Finalizing the Process

11. Follow Up

Professional Fee & Timing

We are a retainer search firm and our professional search fees are competitive in the marketplace.  The fee is determined on several factors which will be discussed later in more detail once the position is defined.

We understand the urgency to fill key positions and will make every effort to expedite the assignment without compromising the process.

* Please contact us for a more detailed quote.

Our Professional Guarantee

Because we value your business and aim to create long standing professional relationships, DCG stands behind our work and provides a professional guarantee on each and every search assignment.  This guarantee can vary on several factors.  If the selected candidate leaves within the agreed upon time frame for any reason other than that the parameters of the position are changed, the position becomes redundant, or leadership/management changes, we will conduct the search again at no cost to you, other than disbursements.

* Again, for more details, please contact us.